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Name:Alpine M

Pot size:140/180/250/350


Uses:Pot Plants & Landscaping

Although we want the original alpine with compact plant type and short internodes. While, alpine after tissue culture turns to M with a little longer internodes, shorter than amate. So alpine M is still a compact Schefflera.

Stable greenhouse enviroment.


Water pH:   5.5-6.5,   

Temperature:15-35℃,adult plants of 2-40℃

Light:  young plants of 8000-20000lux,adults of 20000-40000lux

Subtrate: Well drained substrate, peatmoss and cocopeat at proper percentage acocording to your enviroment

Fertilizer:  20-10-20,20-20-20

Pest:  mites and thrips

Disorder: the yellow leaves are usually caused by improper temperature, moisture, light, ferilizer.

Compared with traditional Schefflera, Alpine has dark green glossy leaves with short petioles and columnar shape with tight internodes. Requiring less space makes it more economical to meet your desire to fill  those table, room, balcony and shaded garden that you want to decorate. What’s more, Alpine has best resistance to those mites and diseasewhich make it more easier to care.

DIY Pot Size110-350mm