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Name: lyrata 'Bambino'.

Pot size:80/90/110/140/180/250及以上



Temp: 2535

Soil: Rich, humusy and well-drained

Water: Evenly in summer and reduce in winter. Wet but not soggy.

Major PestsScale

Light: Bright light, but only acclimated plants can handle direct sun.

About 30000-50000 lux.


20000-25000 lux


15000-20000 lux

Autumn to winter

25000-30000 lux

Bambino is provided that is well suited for growing in pots as an attractive foliage plant.

The leaves are uniformly green with light venation and lack variegation.

The leaves also are smaller and thicker than those commonly exhibited by Ficus lyrata.

Additionally, the petioles are extremely short when compared to those commonly exhibited by Ficus lyrata.