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Pot size:80/90/110/140/180/250及以上


Uses:Pot Plants & Landscaping

Tissue Culture, Plug plants and Semi-finished pot plants are available in Clusa rosea. 

Temp: 2030

Soil: rich, well-drained, kept moist but not soggy.

Water: Water when soil is half dry

Major Pests: Thrips

Diseases: Anthracnose

Light: During summer light should be kept between 8000-15000 lux. During winter and autumn light can be up to be 20000 lux.

Pitch-apple, Florida Clusia, Autograph Tree
This wide-spreading, densely-foliated, rounded, 2 to 30-foot-tall, evergreen tree has a short trunk and broad, thickened, dark green, leathery leaves, reminiscent of Southern Magnolia leaves.
It is drought-tolerant, making it suitable for xeriscaping. This plant is known as Autograph Tree because autographs and other graffiti can be scratched onto the stout, long-lasting leaves.
It is round-headed, spreading, and have short trunks with smooth bark.